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A great hire adds value across the entire organization.

Missing out on that great hire is one of the most expensive mistakes any company can make.




Research Scientists

Rapid Learners




Novel Problem Solvers

Natural Collaborators


TSC got its start over forty years ago helping assemble and grow the start-ups that created and defined the video games industry.


We continue to identify and recruit dynamic,  high-impact talent for companies both large and small in the consumer electronics, entertainment software and emerging technology fields.

Nikola Tesla's lab c.1900. Wikimedia commons

TSC Services

How Can TSC

Help You?

Retained and contingency search and recruiting.

Our long-time clients include multi-billion dollar technology companies, emerging technology start-ups, games development studios, platform developers and publishers.


Our deep expertise and our flexible recruiting process allows us to work seamlessly with well-established internal recruiting functions and less established start-ups, bringing significant value to both.

We specialize in searches where the bar for talent is high, the role is critical and the culture is innovative and fast paced.


We have decades of experience identifying and recruiting talented and driven individuals and have an expansive network of contacts across industries and disciplines.

We recruit leaders, individual contributors, unique specialists, strong generalists and combinations thereof.

We open doors, cast light and bring uniquely bright people together who aim to change the world in ways big and small.


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